Pokémon TCG Developers


The most comprehensive dataset you can find

From Base Set through Sword & Shield, the Pokémon TCG API has the card data you need to build the ultimate application, whether that be mobile or web.

Get access to prices, hi-res images, and more.

Focus on your application and let us worry about the card data. Some features of the Pokémon TCG API include:

  • Prices by TCGplayer
  • Hi-Res Images
  • Developer SDKs

With a large community contributing to the project through various SDKs, development for you and your team has never been easier.

In-depth details of every card

All data delivered in JSON format such as types, attacks, abilities, and more.

For Developers

The Pokémon TCG API allows developers to ingest card data programatically. The API exposes card and set details in an easy to consume format.

Stay up to date with new sets, and access new data right away on launch day.

Advanced Search Queries

Perform advanced search queries with a familiar Lucene-like syntax. Find cards by name, type, release date, legality, and more.

Use multiple types of operators to filter to specific cards. This API supports operators such as logical AND, OR, NOT, and range operators. View the documentation for more details.

GET https://api.pokemontcg.io/v2/cards?q=name:gardevoir (subtypes:mega OR subtypes:vmax)

Gain access to the Pokémon TCG Developer Portal to start using the Pokémon TCG API

The Pokémon TCG Developer Portal lets you manage your account and API Key associated with the Pokémon TCG API. Creating an account will get you access to higher rate limits and no IP restrictions.


We are here to help you. If you have general usage questions, it is highly recommended to ask your questions at community Discord channel. There are tons of devs who are more than willing to help you out with any questions regarding the API.

If you are an individual or business who is interested in receiving higher rate limits for the API, please contact Andrew via email: [email protected].

I try to respond to all inquiries within 72 hours.